The role of a FBSA Observer is to assist, observe and authenticate those attempting to swim across False Bay (See FBSA Swimming Rules).

The observer is the person appointed by the FBSA to collect the data from the swim upon which the FBSA can ratify the swim. The chairperson and at least one other FBSA board member must read, check and ratify the observers submitted papers, for the swim to be officially recognised by the FBSA .


The Observer is required to record everything that happens during the swim and possible factors which may influence the swim:

  1. The Swim Route
  2. The Swimmer/s names, age, gender
  3. In case of a relay swim- The swim order of the relay.
  4. Check swimmer/s Medical Form validity
  5. Check swimmer/s swim attire and adherence to the FBSA rules
  6. Record water temperature at start (at least 200m from the shore)
  7. Record water temperature in the middle of the bay (approximate middle)
  8. Record water temperature at the end of the swim (at least 200m from the shore)
  9. Take picture of swimmer at start and finish
  • Record stroke rate for 1 minutes every hour
  • Observe relay handover and slots times
  • Check start and finish of the swim
  • Record start time and end time (HH:MM:SS)
  • Record sea conditions, swell direction and approximate height. Drift , tide and current if possible.
  • Record the swimmers feed times and content
  • Records the swim course with the pilot assistance.
  • Ensure that the swimmer/s seconds and support are adhering to the FBSA rules.
  • The Observer has the right, at his/hers own description, to pull out the swimmer if they have a reasonable concern to their health or safety.
  • The observer must report the swim results to the FBSA within 24h.

In order to become an observer, one must accompany a full successful crossing at least once.


The FBSA are looking for enthusiastic local people to volunteer to observe and officiate our False Bay Swims. You must be over 18 years old, comfortable to be on a boat and available for a full day at short notice during the swim season. Your transport and food expenses will be covered.


For more information please contact the FBSA on


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