1. Start must be from dry land and finish on dry land on the other side.
  2. The swim is unassisted in any form from start to finish.
  3. The swim will have four categories:
    1. Solo Skins [Elite crossing]
    2. Solo Wetsuits
    3. Relay Skins
    4. Relay Wetsuit
  4. The FBSA will also recognise Disabled as a sub category to the main categories above.For Relay team to be categorised as disabled, all members of the Relay must prove some form of disability.
  5. The FBSA will recognise special categories in case of special disabilities or other requirements at the FBSA’s discretion and will deal with them case by case.
  6. The swim will be supported by at least two motorised boat
    1. The main boat will be supplied by the Pilot.
    2. The Boat and the Skippers must have a minimum SAMSA Category C licence
      1. Allows 15 Nautical miles offshore [27.789km]
    3. The second boat may be supplied by the Pilot or the Swimmer, subject to the Pilot’s full discretion and approval.
    4. The Pilot is responsible for the swimmer/s safety, course and well-being during the swim.
  7. General swimming attires for all categories:
    1. One pair of standard swimming goggles
    2. One swimming cap – silicon, latex, cloth
    3. Ear plugs
    4. Nose clip
    5. Light sticks or safety swim lights
    6. A watch is optional at the swimmer’s discretion
    7. No Taping and other swim accessories are permitted
    8. Shark shield on each boat
  8. Skins swim attire:
    1. One standard swimming costume.
      1. Costume material must be FINA approved excluding neoprene
      2. Costume must end above knee height and may not extend below the shoulders
    2. Wetsuit swim attire:
      1. A neoprene wetsuit is allowed witha maximum thickness of 5mm at any area of the body.
      2. No gloves, hoodies or booties are allowed
      3. Wetsuit swimmers may wear up to two caps.
    3. Greasing – any form of greasing is allowed as long as it is a removable lotion that can’t act as a permanent body insolation
  9. Strokes – any strokes are allowed
  • Unassisted rules
    1. Unassisted means that no contact is allowed with a boat, other swimmer, or any of the surroundings that may assist the swimmer during the swim.
    2. Feeding must be done in a fashion that does not compromise the swimmer or offer any form of rest or assistance
  • Relay rules:
    1. Each relay team can be comprised of minimum 2 and maximum of 6 swimmers.
    2. We will collect records for female only, male only, mixed relay and overall results.
    3. The swim must start withthe first swimmer
    4. The swim willendwiththe current swimmerin the sequence and time slot.
    5. The Swim interval must be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. The interval and swimmer order must be set before the start and kept for the full duration of the swim.
    6. Changeovers are done in the water. The next swimmer in sequence must enter the water behind the current swimmer and handover by a high 5.
    7. The entire relay team may swim together in the last 200m as long as the current swimmer leads his/her slot to land first with the relay team behind him/her.
    8. No other swimmers are allowed in the water in front of the current swimmer and not within 50m around the swimmer.
    9. A relay team with at least one swimmer in wetsuit will be considered a wetsuit category relay.
  • The Relay swimmers order must be submitted to the observer before the swim start and can’t be changed.
  • Every attempt must have its own pilot and observer ie: Multiple attempts must be held as a separate swim.
  • Abort or disqualifications
    1. If a swimmer breaches the swimming rules at any time during the swim, the swimmer or team will be regarded as disqualified.
    2. The pilot and the observer are both entitled to pull the swimmer out at any stage if they deem it necessary to do so.
    3. If a swimmer is requested to abort the swim by the pilot or observer and refuses, the swimmer will be considered as disqualified.
  • Age Limit
    1. For a solo swim, the swimmer must be of the age of 15 years or older on the day of the swim. Any swimmer younger than 18y must have a signed consent form by both his parents or his/her legal guardians.
    2. For a relay swim:
      1. 5 – 6 swimmers– 12 years or older
      2. 2 – 4 Swimmers – 15years or older
  • Qualifications:
    1. There are no required qualifications for relay swims
    2. Solo swimmer, skins or wetsuits will be required to complete a 6h swim within the 12 months prior to the attempt in a water temp average of 16 degrees or lower
  • Medicals
    1. Relay swimmers will have to submit a medical health statement
    2. Solo swimmers will have to pass and submit a signed [doctor] medical assessment with an ECG to the observer. The medical and ECG must be completed within six months prior to the swim date.
  • Indemnity – each swimmer must indemnify the FBSA from possible claims and take responsibility for his/her/their risk with the swim.
  • Banned drugs and substance abuse
    1. The FBSA adheres to rules set out by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) https://www.wada-ama.org/en/content/what-is-prohibited
  • Start and End point
    1. The start and end points are interchangeable
  • Multiple crossings
    1. A multiple crossing must adhere to a single crossing rules.
    2. At the end of one leg the swimmer is allowed not more than 5min on shore before embarking on the next leg.
    3. No assistance is allowed at the end of any leg, however, feeding is allowed
    4. Each leg will count as a single crossing in one’s crossings count
  • Observers
    1. The FBSA will publish a list of accredited Observers and Pilot regularly.
    2. In order to become an observer or pilot, one must assist in at least one crossing and demonstrate to the FBSA his/her proficiency with the swim rules and safety requirements
  • Fees
    1. The fees are directed towards costs of Observers, FBSA sanction costs, Mail, calls, medals, website and any other admin expenses.
    2. Fee Structure Solo
      1. Membership fee R200 – valid for 12 months
      2. Admin/Swimfee R3000 will be paid at least 30days prior to an attempt.
      3. In case of an unsuccessful attempt or swim called off, the swimmer will receive a R1500 credit for his/her next attempt if occurs within 6 months from current attempt.
    3. Fee Structure Relay
      1. Membership fee R200 per swimmer – valid for 12 months
      2. Admin/Swimfee
        1. 2 swimmers – R1800 x 2 = R3600
        2. 3 Swimmers – R1400 x 3 = R4200
        3. 4 Swimmers – R1200 x 4 = R4800
        4. 5 Swimmers– R1080 x 5 = R5400
        5. 6 Swimmers – R1000 x 6 = R6000
      3. All fees will be paid at least 30days prior to an attempt.
      4. In case of an unsuccessful attempt or swim called off, The Team will receive a 50% credit of the swim fee for their nextattempt, if it occurs within 6 months from previous attempt.
  1. Pilot and boat fees are to be dealt with the pilot directly.
  • Awards
    1. Each attempt will receive a FBSA swim cap
    2. In case of a successful swim each swimmer will receive the FBSA medal and certificate
    3. Course map and other memorabilia will be available for purchase from the FBSA website
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